Model BB4000 4-Pump Controller

  • Description

    The Model BB4000 4-Pump Controller from Blue Ribbon Corporation – With the accuracy of pressure-sensing level transmitters and the simplicity of float inputs, the Blue Ribbon Corporation Model BB4000 is the ideal controller for your application. This quad pump controller is easily configured for either analog sensors or float discrete inputs.  For more information about the Model BB4000 Four Pump Controller, or other pump controllers available from Blue Ribbon Corporation, or to request a quotation, please click here.


    • Field configured for floats or analog sensor inputs, including 20 VDC loop power
    • Optional 4 analog sensor inputs or 18 discrete (float switches)
    • Alternates pumps and performs lag pump delays
    • Provides high and low alarms with full front panel
    • Adjustable parameter values
    • Optional VFD speed control output
    • Pump up (fill) or pump down (empty) control
    • 6 Amp pump relay outputs and alarm outputs
    • Visual indication up to 255 feet
    • Full front panel setup for all control options and menu items
    • 120 VAC input power. Line rate and transient protection
    • Isolated and transient protected (4-20 mA) analog level input
    • RS-232 serial port
    • Modbus Protocol
    • RTU or ASCII mode
    • First ON – First OFF, or First ON – Last OFF alternation
    • Alternator logic skips disabled pumps, remembers lead pump position during outage
    • Timed (1 minute) level simulation
    • Security code protected parameter setup
    • Status of discrete inputs may be viewed from front of controller
    • Phoenix-style connectors
    • Adjustable lag pumps delay
    • High and Low level alarm relays and alarm indication
    • Wet well level analog input zero and span adjustments