Model BCP3000 BCP3005 Surge Protector

  • Description

    The Model BCP3000 BCP 3005 Surge Protector from Blue Ribbon Corporation is designed to assist in the prevention of damage to the BC001 Birdcage® Submersible Level Transmitters from damaging voltage & current surges.

    The Model BCP3000 BCP3005 Surge Protector is packaged as a 17.5 mm wide, Din-rail mounted, pluggable surge protector. Protection is achieved through the use of tightly coordinated hybrid circuits consisting of fast responding Surge-Arresting Diodes (SAD,) high powered current handling Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) and a series decoupling elements. This device applies to the 2-wire 4-20 mA output transmitters as well as the 0-5 VDC transmitters. This device is able to protect against fast rising voltage as well as current surges from lightning. Total surge protection is 20 kA (8/20) μs. In addition, a local failure indication light on the device changes from green to red if there is a fault due to overloading. Remote failure indication is also standard on this device.


    Founded in 1978, Blue Ribbon Corporation had its origins as a direct distributor of gauges and thermometers to satisfy a growing need among industry OEMs. These OEMs required higher volumes of lower cost instrumentation that could offer necessary value for investment, yet which would never compromise on quality. Since that time, Blue Ribbon has evolved into its own brand of products, with its main manufacturing facility also producing Pressure Transmitters & Level Sensors. Blue Ribbon has also routinely partnered with OEMs and industrial instrumentation manufacturers to custom design gauges, thermometers and accessories to exact industry specifications.