Model BD200 Dual Set Point Pump Controller

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    The Bulldog Model BD200 Dual Set Point Pump Controller from Blue Ribbon Corporation is a Dual Pump Controller. It is designed to provide versatile level control in a standard 1/4 DIN package. The Bulldog Model BD200 Dual Set Point Pump Controller controller is versatile, simple, and inexpensive. making it the ideal instrument for controlling dual pump lifting stations. Setpoints for ON/OFF  and HI/LO alarms are easily set on the front panel. These same buttons also Enable/Disable pump alternation. A selectable time delay of up to 60 seconds on power-up for pump two prevents both pumps from starting at the same time and a large current draw. Alarms for pump seal failure and motor windings overheating are indicated by lights on the front panel. The dial can also display a runtime clock for each pump. An isolated 4-20 mA retransmission is standard. The front face is rated NEMA-4X for outdoor panel mounting.

    The Bulldog Model BD200 Dual Set Point Pump Controller is also available with RS- 232 or RS-485 protocol for connectivity with SCADA systems.


    • Selectable pump alternation when used with two pumps to minimize pump wear. With alternation “On”, a seal failure or over temperature condition will force the nonfailed pump to lead status and stop alternation
    • Alarm light for seal failure when used with a submersible pump that includes a moisture sensor
    • Alarm light for overheating when used with a pump that includes a thermostat. Pump is removed from service & can be brought back online manually or automatically when pump has cooled down
    • Runtime displayed by a front panel button.
    • 24 VDC power for level transmitter
    • 4-20 mA or voltage signal output
    • Non-volatile memory, no batteries
    • Test System function simulates process input to test program, or ensures pump operation
    • User-selectable security lock-out of programming and/or setpoints


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