Model FTS Filter Type Pressure Snubbers

  • Description

    Model FTS Filter Type Pressure Snubbers from Blue Ribbon Corporation are designed to reduce/ prevent pressure oscillations and fluctuations from reaching and affecting pressure instruments.

    Pressure Oscillations and other sudden pressure changes can affect the delicate mechanisms of a pressure gauge or pressure transmitter. This can result in either complete failure of the instrument or false and inaccurate readings. Pressure snubbers are designed to reduce or prevent these oscillations and fluctuations from reaching and affecting pressure instruments.

    Pressure snubbers stop pressure spikes only; a pressure snubber will not stop any overpressure. Spikes last for milliseconds only, over pressures lasting longer than that can damage the pressure sensor.

    The Pressure snubbers shown are the “filter” type using a porous filter media made of sintered metal. Because the filter element is a fine mesh type, it should be used on processes that do not contain anything that would clog the media. In the event that the snubber does get clogged with dirt or particulate from the process, our snubbers can be disassembled for cleaning if necessary.


    • Connection Sizes: ¼” or ½” NPT
    • Stainless steel or brass
    • Water, air, oil or gas
    • No moving parts – nothing to break or wear out
    • Pressure rating:
      • Brass: 3,000 PSI
      • Stainless Steel: 10,000 PSI


    Founded in 1978, Blue Ribbon Corporation had its origins as a direct distributor of gauges and thermometers to satisfy a growing need among industry OEMs. These OEMs required higher volumes of lower cost instrumentation that could offer necessary value for investment, yet which would never compromise on quality. Since that time, Blue Ribbon has evolved into its own brand of products, with its main manufacturing facility also producing Pressure Transmitters & Level Sensors. Blue Ribbon has also routinely partnered with OEMs and industrial instrumentation manufacturers to custom design gauges, thermometers and accessories to exact industry specifications.



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