Pressure Limiting Valve

  • Description

    Gauge Savers from Blue Ribbon Corporation are called Overload Protectors or Pressure Limiting Valves. The PLV cuts off pressure rising above the desired pressure value (preset value), thus preventing failure of pressure gauge (instruments) and also stops possible damages such as hazardous leakages, explosions, etc.

    The Gauge Saver shuts off the system with quick and positive action of built in push-rod device. As and when, the pressure falls below the preset pressure value, the line and/or the pressure gauge will be automatically put into operation again. The Gauge Saver is of extreme importance and necessity for the protection of the pressure sensitive instruments against over pressures, sudden line induced pressure surges, which are principal causes of the instrument and subsequent system failure. The Gauge Saver can be supplied to function at different cut-off-pressure values upon special request. Repeat accuracy of the unit depends on the rate of pressure rise. However, an accuracy of ±10% of the set pressure may be expected.


    Founded in 1978, Blue Ribbon Corporation had its origins as a direct distributor of gauges and thermometers to satisfy a growing need among industry OEMs. These OEMs required higher volumes of lower cost instrumentation that could offer necessary value for investment, yet which would never compromise on quality. Since that time, Blue Ribbon has evolved into its own brand of products, with its main manufacturing facility also producing Pressure Transmitters & Level Sensors. Blue Ribbon has also routinely partnered with OEMs and industrial instrumentation manufacturers to custom design gauges, thermometers and accessories to exact industry specifications.


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