Encountering the F.O.G.

The Fog We Know

Most of us are familiar with fog. Those rolling clouds of mist and moisture that can result in breath-taking beauty as beams of sunlight pierce through its thickened shroud. Or the eerie creepiness and foreboding it evokes when skulking low and threateningly through the stones of a darkened grave yard.

Fats & Oils & Grease – Oh My!  (the “FOG” we don’t know)

A type of fog not everyone is familiar with, however, is the accumulation of fats, oil, and grease or “FOG” that can bring wastewater treatment to a complete standstill. This FOG has always been present in wastewater, but more and more wastewater pump and lift stations are affected by the buildup of significant levels of FOG in the wet wells. Situations like this will eventually lead to the deterioration of measurement tools inside the well and will result in false readings in pressure and water flow.

The FOG-GY Problem

The buildup can be extreme. The layer of FOG at the water surface can be several feet thick, stealing usable working volume, causing odor problems, and creating a mess during peak flow events. In some cases, the surface mat dries out and hardens to the point where crews need shovels to break through in order to obtain wastewater samples.

Millions of gallons a day can move through pump and lift stations, and there is no time to halt the process due to a buildup of FOG. Materials such as sensors are vital to a station in order to proactively avoid buildups that may compromise the integrity of the structure.

The Forerunner Solution

The forerunner solution for these situations is the Model BC001 Birdcage® Submersible Level Transmitter from Blue Ribbon, a highly accurate level transmitter designed specifically for sludge level monitoring and pump lift stations.  When installed in lift stations, the Birdcage® fights against clogging from sludge and FOG by using a larger, 3-inch diameter, diaphragm that resists clogging, and is equipped with a corrosion resistant protective baffle plate to reduce sensor damage. The Birdcage® has a range of 0 to 500 PSI (0-10 thru 0 to 1153 meters FTWC), and is recommended to be paired with the optional BCH2000 Cable Hanger designed to eliminate unnecessary potential stresses on the transmitter while installed in the application.

An emerging global market leader, you can count on Blue Ribbon Corp to provide pressure gauges, thermometers, and electronic sensors with a foundation based upon quality and dependability.

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