Month: January 2019

Jan 2019Welcome to the “Ahhhhh-experience”!

Come join us as we step into the exciting new world of our totally new, and (vastly) improved Blue Ribbon Corp website! Fully updated and streamlined with an improved layout and navigation – just our new Search feature alone will enable you to have a better user experience than ever before! Go ahead! Try it! … Continue reading “Welcome to the “Ahhhhh-experience”!”

Jan 2019Untapped Water Supplies

As demand on water resources rises, will there be a mad rush to grab up the nation’s last untapped water resources? That’s a looming fear for those who say the Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere, may be at risk of drying up. From Water Online, By: Sara Jerome@sarmje Read the Full Article … Continue reading “Untapped Water Supplies”

Jan 2019How to Calibrate a Blue Ribbon Corp Pressure Transmitter

The following information is a basic guide for calibration or verification of a pressure transmitter’s accuracy. Calibration is a process where the output signal of the sensor is compared to the value measured by an accurate device. The relationship between the measured and the accurate value is determined. Normal calibration adjustment involves setting the zero … Continue reading “How to Calibrate a Blue Ribbon Corp Pressure Transmitter”

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